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MBBS, M.S( General Surgery)
Mch ( Pediatric Surgery)

Case Study : Rare Surgical Procedure Performed At Government General & Chest Hospital, Irramnuma.

The Patient : A 30 years old patient by name Smt.Kotha Sujatha was admitted to government general and chest hospital, irramnuma on 7-8-2015 and was diagnosed with a mass lesion in left half of the chest (Hemithorax). A daily wage earner and widow, she had two children and belongs to Jadcherla in Mahaboobnagar district of Telangana.

The Case : Since last 1 year , She is suffering with heaviness in the chest with vague chest pain on left side of her chest. Very often she had been getting fever. She also lost her appetiteand bodyweight during this time and was unable to attend her job. She was evaluated with Chest X-Ray by a local doctor which revealed a mass lesion in left half of the chest. She wasreferred to the Government General And Chest Hospital ( GGCH) ,irramnuma in Hyderabad for further diagnosis and treatment.After admission, she was thoroughly evaluated by the department of CT surgery. She was found to be having a large mass of 15 x15cm occupying 3/4 of the left half of the chest. The mass was so huge that it was pushing the heart to the right side.

Surgery : She was operated on 17-8-2015 at GGCH,irranuma by a surgical team consisting of Dr.A.Narendra Kumar, Dr.Sartaj Hussain, Dr.ArunKanala, Dr.V.S.Ravindranath.The anesthesia services were headed by Dr.Madhavi and her team.After a 4 hours long surgery, a mass lesion weighing 4.5kg occupying the left side of the chest was completely removed. During and post-surgery the patient tolerated the procedure well and relieved of her all respiratory problems, heaviness in the chest and pain. She started attending her daily wage earning activities 15 days after the surgery.

Biopsy : The tumor biopsy report came as –INFLAMMATORY MYOFIBROBLASTIC TUMOR. This is an extremely rare thoracic tumor. Very few reports are available in literature around the world, about such a massive inflammatory myoblastic tumor in chest.

The CT surgical department at GGCH is doing an extremely good service after it was revived in the month of April 2013. They performed 96 major thoracic surgical procedures in a span of 2years. They have generated around 60 lakhs of amount towards GGCH under RAS. They are enthusiastic to do major surgical procedures if government and administration provides more anaesthetists and high end equipment.